Pest control

Pest Control

Feel safe, we can help you with controlling any pest issue

Choose between General Pest Control, Removal of wasps, bees and hives, Removal of Snakes or Treatment of Bed Bugs

General scope of pest control includes: 

Thorough inspection inside and outside your premises

We will decide on the most suitable control methods 

Get expert advice on pest problems from our specialists

General pest control

We will do a thorough inspection inside and outside your premises. Then, whether its ants, roaches, rodents or other common pests, we will decide on the most suitable control methods. You will get expert solutions and advice on any other pest problems from our specialists.

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Removal of wasps, bees and hives

Wasps, honey bees and hornet bees frequently sting in defense of their nest. Our adequate equipment can assist to remove insects and their nests professionally, even those found at heights..

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Removal of Snakes

Your assistance in providing a brief description of the snake (e.g. length, colour, body patterns) will allow us to use the right equipment to remove the snake and relocate it safely to the Plant and Animal Centre.

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Treatment of Bed Bugs

Common signs of bedbug infestation is the unpleasant odour and the speckled appearance of their faecal deposits. Our residual insecticide and experience can help to clear bedbugs.

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3 easy steps to book our Pest Control service

1. Select the pest you wish to remove from your area

View the upfront prices and confirm your choice

2. Choose a time of your convenience

Our service providers will arrive on your selected date

3. Don’t panic, let our pest controllers take over

Let us keep you and your loved ones safe and worry free

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