Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Returned to you sparkling clean, at a time of your choosing 

Choose between ladies wear, men’s wear, winter wear and home items.

Did you know laundry uses water to clean, while dry-cleaning only use little or no water? Dry cleaning uses chemical solvents to get rid of stains while the process of laundering uses gentler soaps and detergents.

Service can be performed on: 

Common items like shirt, pants and dress

Occasional wear like Cheongsam, gowns and suits

Winter clothing and leather items

Mattress and sofa covers, curtains and mats

For full list of price and terms, tap on the respective services

Ladies Wear

Common – Dress, Blouse, Shirt, Skirt, Pants, Shorts, Bermuda, Culottes

Others – Jacket, Suits, Skirt (Long/Pleated), Jumpsuit, Overalls, Gloves, Socks, Handkerchief, Pyjamas Dress

Occasional – Sleeping Gown, Evening Gown, Punjabi Suit, Saree, Baju Kurong, Kebaya, Cheong Sam, Kimono

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Men’s Wear

Common – Shirt, Jacket, Trousers, Shorts, Bermuda, Culottes, Tank Top

Others – Suits, Vest, Tie, Army Uniform

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Winter Wear

Common – Sweater, Pullover, Cardigan, Overcoat, Winter Coat, Muffles, Scarf, Shawl, Windbreaker

Leather – Half/Full Leather Jacket, Skirt, Pants, Dress, Gloves, Leather Revitalizing

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Home sweet home

Mattress and Sofa – Bed Pad/Mattress Protector, Mattress Topper, Bedsheet, Bedcover, Bed Skirting, Pillow/Bolster Case, Pillow, Comforter, Quilt Cover, Sofa and Cushion Covers

Towel and Carpet– Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Face Towel, Bath Mat, Floor Mat, Carpet, Rug, Blanket

Curtain and Others – Blackout Curtain, Night Curtain, Day Curtain, Raincoat with Scotch Guard, Piano Cover, Sleep Bag, Table Cloth, Table Skirting

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3 easy steps to book laundry & dry cleaning

1. Select the category in the drop down menu

View upfront prices and make your item selections

2. Select your preferred pick up time

Our service providers will arrive on your selected date

3. Let us handle the rest!

Enjoy your rest, and receive back freshly cleaned items

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