We work on ensuring your home looks spotless and neat while you indulge in being house-proud

Choose between Ad-Hoc Cleaning , Contract Cleaning and Contract Cleaning with Ironing.

General scope of cleaning includes: 

Vacuum or sweep and mop floor

Wipe furniture, shelves and appliances 

Scrub and sanitize bathrooms and fixtures 

Clean bedrooms and fixtures 

Clean kitchen and kitchen appliances 

For full scope of cleaning, tap on the respective services

Ad-hoc Cleaning

Approximate time for cleaning: 4-5 hours

Perfect for busy individuals or home-makers who needs a one-time simple cleaning to freshen up the house or apartment.

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Contract Cleaning

Approximate time for cleaning: 2-3 hours

Automated weekly home cleaning personalized to your specific needs and schedule. Packages will run automatically for 4 weeks.

⭐Includes washing of dirty dishes and utensils and changing bedsheet

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Contract Cleaning with Ironing

Approximate time for cleaning: 3-5 hours

Wear crisp and well ironed outfits to match your personality. Ironing of bedlinens not included.

⭐Includes ironing of approximately 10 pieces of clothing per session

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3 easy steps to book housekeeping services

1. Select the size of your home

View the prices and make your selection

2. Choose if you would like package/one-time services

Our service providers will arrive on your selected date

3. Let our housekeepers handle the rest!

While you sit back and rest. Go on, take a deserving break

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