Air conditioning maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We help to ensure that your air conditioning units are running at optimal efficiency with our integrated expertise and tools

Choose between General Maintenance, Chemical Cleaning or Troubleshooting of A/C issues.

General scope of maintenance includes: 

Inspect and clean air filters, front cover and panel 

Inspect and clean drainage pan, cooling coil and blower  

Check refrigerant suction and discharge pressure

Vacuuming of drainage pan  

Inspect and tighten electrical contacts if necessary

For full scope of maintenance, tap on the respective service

General Maintenance of A/C Units

This is a one-time general maintenance service for your A/C units. Performed using high-grade cleaning solutions that effectively cleans and ensures optimal performance.

Availability of quarterly or bi-monthly contract options for your convenience

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Chemical Cleaning of A/C Units

Recommended when general servicing is unable to rectify common maintenance issues, such as reduced air flow, weakened cooling and musty odours. Also helps to resolve any leaking and blockage issues in your A/C units.

⭐Includes spraying of chemical on cooling coil and washing

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Troubleshooting of A/C Issues

Our certified technicians will assess the condition of your air conditioners and prepare a quotation of the most economical and effective solutions to the issues found.

⭐Onsite assessment fee will be waived if repair quotation is accepted

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3 easy steps to book A/C Maintenance services

1. Select the number of aircon units for servicing

View the prices and make your selection

2. Choose if you would like one-time or contract services

Our service providers will arrive on your selected date

3. Let our service providers handle the rest!

Let us bring your aircon to its optimal state!

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